Our Bobcat, Truck and Excavator

We have a 2010 Isuzu 15 Tonne custom made tipper, S550 mid sized bobcat, 5 tonne roller and 1.5 tonne Excavator.

Service area – Brisbane to Newcastle 

Equipment includes the following attachments.

  1. Hydraulic Hammer – Smashes rock / concrete
  2. Auger – Bores holes 300, 450 and 600 diameter
  3. Chain Trancher – Digs 150 wide trenches, ideal for power, Telstra, water lines and irrigation systems.
  4. Pole Lifter – Enables the precise installation of steel and timber poles.
  5. Forks – Lifts out trees, root ball and all, for transplanting with minimal damage.  Also enables the carrying of odd shaped loads up to 580kg.
  6. Levelling Frame – For even spreading and grading of road base, crusher dust and topsoil